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March 28, 2023

Aragalaya X Core Continuing the Sri Lankan People’s Struggle

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The real owners of a country are its citizens. In order to maintain a developed democratic system of government, the people delegate the power of the country to the people’s representatives. It is a social contract based on trust, transparency, and a legal framework.

Unfortunately, since the day of independence in 1948, the people’s representatives appointed in Sri
Lanka have been breaking the public trust, ignoring the welfare of the country and the people, violating
the rules and regulations, and putting the needs of their families and friends first.

At present, the people who claim to be the people’s representatives have caused an unbearable level of
destruction and pressure on the country and its citizens. With the increased rise of social media and the
internet, citizens have more access to information and witness the destruction’s true nature.

Under such circumstances, the people’s struggle was born around the Galleface protest ground, and the
corrupt political system of the country has been repeatedly challenged by the citizens. One of the most
powerful presidents in Sri Lanka’s history, including his own family, was driven out of office as a result of
this popular uprising.

People are realizing that people are more powerful than corrupt politicians and that politicians are not
rulers but representatives of the people.

We, the citizens who led and supported the people’s struggle, are joining together in the name of
Aragalaya X Core to continue the people’s struggle in an organized manner.
Accordingly, our objectives are;

  • To lead the program of political, economic, and social transformation that should take place in
    the future for the benefit of the country and the people.
  • In all future elections, to provide an opportunity for a disciplined group of people who have
    rallied for the struggle and system change to serve the country honestly and effectively as public
    representatives. All those who believe that the existing corrupt political system should be changed, who are willing to
    serve the country a people’s representative, who are willing to be resourceful, who are willing to use
    their vote to create a governance system that is at least favorable to the country and the people can join Aragalaya X Core.