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March 26, 2023

Great Britain – Led by Donkeys and Into the Twilight Zone

Last Updated on October 25, 2022 by Lankae Cast

This is a follow up to two previous blogs I published in Oct 21 and Jan 22, about the state of this great nation. A nation that once ruled over half the world, but which is now reduced to a caricature of its former self due to a combination electoral illiteracy and delusions of grandeur on a gargantuan scale.

Since 2010, the country has been ruled by a conservative government as a result of four election victories – in 2010. 2015, 2017 and 2019 respectively. In between these elections, in 2016, the country voted by referendum to leave the European Union.

In previous blogs I have articulated my thoughts on the decision to leave the EU , its consequences and therefore I shall not dwell on that subject in this piece.

It is however worth noting and commenting on the political ramifications and shenanigans within the conservative party since the EU referendum in 2016.

The referendum resulted in the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister who had been instrumental in winning two general elections for the conservative party – in 2010 as part of a coalition and in 2016 with a twelve-seat majority in parliament. As he had campaigned for a ” remain ” in the EU vote, he resigned as a matter of principle when the country voted to ” leave ” the EU.

He was succeeded by Theresa May who led the Conservatives to yet another general election victory in 2017, albeit as a minority government which needed the support of the Ulster Unionist Party in order to achieve a majority in a parliament. Without a working majority in parliament, no legislation could be passed. It is worth pointing out that in this election, the Labour party was led by Jeremy Corbyn whose chances of victory were seriously damaged by some sections of his own MP’s – all Christian or Jewish Zionists – who orchestrated a vicious campaign of anti semitism against him due to his lifelong support of Palestinian rights which they considered inimical to the interests of Israel. The interests and well-being of apartheid Israel is sacrosanct to many in the British establishment and media.

Whist I am not suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn’s policies were the holy grail in terms of the British economy, the reason he lost the election had less to do with his economic manifesto but absolutely everything to do with de-facto fifth columnists within his own party that put the interests of the state of Israel ahead of their own constituents.

Theresa May lost support of her own party due to Brexit and was succeeded by Boris Johnson in 2018 who in turn led the conservatives to an eighty-seat majority in parliament in the 2019 general election. This was a remarkable achievement as large numbers of electorates that had historically returned Labour MP’s voted Conservative instead. Boris Johnson was feted as a near Churchillian leader who had achieved the near impossible.

And yet, just three short years later in June 2022, the very same “Churchillian” Johnson was forced to resign due to an avalanche of allegations against him ranging from lying to parliament, breaking the law, corruption and criminality. It needs to be noted that during his time as Prime Minister, Johnson had the highest number of cabinet resignations any sitting Prime Minister has had in the history of Great Britain.

In my previous blogs, I have highlighted why Johnson was and is the most unsuitable and vile individual ever to be elected as the Prime Minister of this great nation and I will therefore will not dwell on those reasons now.

Boris Johnson was succeeded by Liz Truss in September 22 who then went on to create the wrong type of history by being the shortest serving Prime Minister of Great Britain by resigning after forty-four days in office as she lost the confidence of her own MP’s as a result of the money markets reacting negatively to her proposed economic blueprint.

Thus, since 2015, in a space of seven short years, Great Britain has had two general elections but four different Prime Ministers from the same political party with a fifth due to be elected in a few days.

And that fifth Prime Minister, at the time of writing this, could yet turn out to be Boris Johnson – the man who was forced to resign only a few short months ago, due to a mutiny amongst his own handpicked cabinet and the loss of confidence from his own MP’s!

Were this to happen, this great nation will be the complete and utter laughing stock of the world and it will also accelerate the break-up of the United Kingdom which the outcome of the Brexit referendum pretty much ensured would happen eventually.

The remarkable common denominator in all of this is that all these five Prime Ministers are from the same political party – the Conservatives.

What does that tell us about the modern Conservative party? How did the Conservative party end up with MP’s who are at war with each other and with so many MP’s who are utterly unfit for public office and who show utter disdain for facts and the rules-based structure that this great nation is based on?

Any nation, let alone one that is the fifth largest economy in the world, requires stable government and good governance in order for growth and prosperity. And yet, this great nation is being destroyed from within by one of its great political parties which is using the economy of this nation to fight its own virulent and vitriolic internal political battles.

The adjective ” Conservative ” means to hold traditional values. Conservative values by default requires orthodoxy and caution. Conservative values in a political context means favouring free enterprise, private ownership and socially traditional ideas.

And yet the modern Conservative party is anything but. It is a party that is effectively owned by large doners and extreme right-wing lobby groups masquerading as ” think tanks ” whose primary objective appears to be not that of the British people but to further the influence of those who benefit and profit from the government making irrational and ill-judged economic decisions which are inimical to the health of the nation.

We continue to live through a surreal period where comfortable lies are far more acceptable and palatable than uncomfortable truths – Brexit and the election of Boris Johnson being two primary examples.

We continue to live through a surreal period where those who have spent a lifetime learning their craft or acquiring knowledge – experts as they are commonly referred to – are ignored but those who promote the existence of unicorns and sunlight uplands are held in high esteem.

We continue to live through a surreal period where even when told pathological lies by pathological liars which we know to be pathological lies, we still accept that as gospel because they are told by those who speak with a posh Etonian accent. ” Tugging the forelock ” being the quintessential British term for such deference to class superiority.

We continue to live through a surreal period where facts are no longer as important as being told that we are a great nation and that feeling good is far more important.

We continue to live through a surreal time where ” food banks ” have become an essential requirement for the survival of many.

We continue to live through a surreal time where many millions are potentially left with a choice of either eating or heating this winter.

We continue to live through surreal times where mortgage interest rates have skyrocketed with many millions of homeowners paying double what they were paying less than nine months ago thanks mainly to the catastrophic economic decisions made in 2020 by the man who is now feted as an economics guru and who may well be the new Prime Minster within the week !

This is Great Britain 2022 and the question that needs to be asked is, just how and why did we get to this?

The clue is how this country has been managed in the last twelve years and especially since the calamitous decision made in 2016 to leave the EU.

We have a ruling party that is fighting its own war of self-destruction at the expense of the nation. The end result is what we have witnessed. The election to parliament of those who are populist idealogues but who are ignorant intellectual illiterates who then ascent to senior ministerial positions has been catastrophic for the nation. The musical chairs and revolving doors within the UK government is ample proof of that.

They do however say that the electorate gets what it deserves, for we elect those who we relate to and whose values are similar to ours. When an electorate has serious delusions of grandeur based on past glories combined with ignorance, we created the recipe for the perfect economic meltdown that we are now witnessing in Great Britain

In many of my previous blogs I have referred to ” incompetence and mediocrity being a virtue ” in Sri Lanka. Little did I realise that had I looked closer to home, mediocrity and incompetence, together with corruption, is now the standard operating procedure in the United Kingdom too!

-By Seevali Abeysekara (Further Thoughts of an Insomniac)