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March 26, 2023

The innocent blood that flowed on Easter Sunday has been smeared on the hands of four executive presidents!-Robin Hood

Last Updated on November 1, 2022 by Desman Chathuranga

I  remind my fellow citizens who are excited having  a “new president” that the blood of the mass killing Easter attack on April 21, 2019 has been smeared on the hands of four executive presidents of Sri Lanka. We are telling this matter with a finger in the eye at this painful time when it is 40 months elapsed since this inhuman attack took place.

This is a revelation with evidence that no one can dismiss

The shameful incident is that, the country’s ruling groups of thieves have neglected to do justice to the Easter Massacre but telling various fairy tales to cover it up. While the families of the victims are drowning in a sea of tears for their lost loved ones, this crook’s despicable attempt is to cover up and bury the great crime of mass murder in with time.

People must stand up for the justice of the people who were killed for a political project!

Four executive presidents are responsible for this crime

By aiding and abetting the extremism of the Saharans, knowing about that great crime and not taking steps to prevent it, continuing to obstruct investigations, suppressing the truth and not revealing the facts they know, the country’s Commander-in-Chiefs or the so-called Executives allow the masterminds to remain hidden forever. The accusations are leveled against four presidents. Let’s take each other

Mahinda Rajapaksa

It was during the reign of the ‘fifth’ President Mahinda Rajapaksa that the extremist Saharans who carried out this mass murder took the necessary steps to organize themselves. In addition to its organizational strength, the foundation including financial and other support was laid during that time.

The underlying purpose of conducting the Easter attack was to keep the Rajapaksas in power by inflaming racism and religious extremism. The Rajapaksas had realized that was the only way to retain power was to inflame racism and sectarianism, promote hatred between communities and divide the people.

It was the then head of the state intelligence Suresh Salley who created Bodu Bala Sena, Shiva Sena and Zaharan’s Thawheed Jamath following Gotabhaya Rapaksas  instructions when Gotabhaya was the then defense secretary. They were maintained by a secret account attached to the army intelligence.

Maithripala Sirisena

After that, we reiterate that the ‘sixth’ President Maithripala Sirisena, who was the Commander-in-Chief of the country as of 21.04.2019, must be held accountable for this innocent bloodshed.

It was Sirisena who gave silent support to the despicable and cowardly attack planned by the Saharans despite receiving all the intelligence information. The purpose of his silent support is to pave the way to Gotabhaya’s path to power. Sirisena is still revealing subterfuge defeating King Chetiya at a level not suitable for an ex-executive president. Sirisena, who played with human lives regardless of the serious evidence received regarding the attack, suddenly went to Singapore. Also, despite the ability to come to the country immediately after the massacre, he did not come. He also instructed the security chiefs not to attend the emergency Security Council meeting called by the then prime minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. The reasons for these have been suppressed without investigation. Although his phone is not open to others, many phone calls have been exchanged between him and Nilantha Jayawardena during this time. His name is even mentioned in the Presidential Commission as someone who should be investigated. The former Commander-in-Chief who is responsible for such a crime is now preaching about the formation of all party government as if fallen from the sky.

After Sirisena left power the latter has warned Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, who served as the ‘seventh’ president frequently about these things. Among them are the veiled threats made that he will reveal all the evidence that Gotabhaya knew about how he was involved in the Easter crime and his connections with the crime in order to gain power. They were severe enough to halt the investigation.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa..

Seventh President Gotabhaya set the country on fire to win the 2019 presidential election “Remember 4/21?” slogan (Remember now?) But he did nothing to investigate the massacre. The report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed by Sirisena was hidden by the associates of Gotabhaya. The top secret police officers who were investigating the attack were hunted down and the rest of the officers were transferred elsewhere and finally the CID was handed over to the infamous DIG Deshbandu Tennakoon.

Ranil Rajapaksa

At present, the ‘eighth’ President Ranil Rajapaksa has taken over the passing of the ball concerning the Easter massacre. With the beginning of his administration, he announced that there will be an international investigation into the Easter Massacre. He said this before others started talking. We are responsible to say that it is also a serious eye-opener. He said this to minimize the hostility against him, also to calm and to silence the public outcry of the Easter attack.

Four months have passed since Ranil became president with the blessings and patronage of the Rajapaksas as the protector of the Rajapaksa family. Until now President Ranil has not done anything to bring justice to this great crime. He has not shown any interest in it. It is now abundantly clear that he will not do so because the masterminds have appointed him to that position on the promise that no action will be taken against them.

If he is interested, we challenge him on the following points. In the meantime, we will direct your attention towards it.

  1.  Ranil was the prime minister of the country when the Easter Sunday massacre took place killing nearly 300 people. As Prime Minister Ranil said that he was not invited to the Security Council by President Sirisena and therefore he did not know anything.

But now the president is Ranil. So, if he is innocent, why President Ranil delaying a formal investigation into this mass murder?

  • Why is there no comprehensive and formal investigation by revealing the evidence that Ranil secretly gave to the presidential commission appointed on the Easter crime?

(If he is honest he can start Investigations about the revealed facts related to the suspicious behavior of several people who were represented the intelligence during the period when he held the position of Prime Minister)

  • If Ranil is well aware of the links between Saharans and pro-Gotabhaya intelligence agencies. Why the delay to conduct the investigations?

Why not make all the undisclosed reports of the Presidential Commission public to know the true facts? Why not investigate the “grand conspiracy” that the former attorney general has revealed?

Why are they silent about the serious issues mentioned here, even though they said they are ready to bring the Scotland Yard investigators from England and expose this crime? Who has neglected the duties and to deceive who?

  • Why not make all the undisclosed reports of the Presidential Commission public for the people to know the facts? Why not investigate the “grand conspiracy” that the former attorney general revealed?

Why silent about the serious issues stated in the report, As ranil said he is ready to bring the Scotland Yard investigators to expose this crime? Who has neglected and delaying to bring them?

  • How is it that Major General Suresh Saleh, a pro Gotabhaya ally, under serious suspicion by all those who struggle for justice, still holds the position of Director of State Intelligence? In whose interest and influence he not removed from the position? What is the secret to hide?
  • How can Kamal Gunaratne, who has launched various failed projects, told many absurd stories to spread false information to the public with the aim of suppressing the investigation of the Easter crime, continue to hold the position of Secretary of the Ministry of Defense? Why he is not removed from the position.
  • IGP C.D wickramarathne who belittled the position of Inspector General of Police, told many misleading stories related to suppress the Easter crime. How can C.D. Wickramarathne still continue to hold the position of Inspector General of Police?
  • Why is Nilantha Jayawardena, who was named by the Presidential Commission, who allowed this mass murder to happen while holding the position of Director of State Intelligence under President Sirisena as a dumb, at least be investigated for dereliction of duties of serious criminal charges?

Who is behind his immunity and impunity? What secret does he know? Why is Ranil Rajapakse obliged to protect him?

  • The notorious police officer Deshbandu Tennakoon, who defaced the police uniform, was another criminal who knew about the Easter Crime. The Presidential Commission has also mentioned facts regarding him.

Why Deshabandu Tennakoon is given a political asylum? Why has this officer, who destroyed the reputation of the country’s police, being the pet of those infamous leaders during Mahinda, Sirisena and Gotabhaya, who knew the Easter attack very well, won the trust of Ranil Rajapakse? (He was also the one who threatened to reveal what he knew.)

  1. What is Ranil Rajapaksa’s position regarding the distortion of the final report of the Presidential Commission related to the Easter attack, which he also secretly testified about, the reasons for not giving the full report to Parliament properly and influencing the Attorney General’s Department in this regard? Why he is silent?

Let’s start a new wave of struggle

It’s been 43 months since the 04/21 attack (remember?) that killed 300 people and left 500 people permanently disabled. Almost four and a half years now.

Isn’t the underlying story of the lack of justice being the hands of the four executive dictators of the country are stained with the blood of unarmed and innocent people who attended the Easter day mass?

So we ask for more justice and repent before them? Or “wait until nothing will happen to me” and let’s sit back and relax?

If not, shall we start a new wave of struggle for our lost brothers and sisters? At this moment after 43 months, let us focus on these few questions:

Is it only Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith’s heart that weeps for these innocents who were killed at the expense of a political project?

Is it only his voice that wakes up now? Are tears flowing only for Him?

Do the rest of the laity and priests take to the streets only when they run out of electricity, gas and fuel for their luxury vehicles when the people are desperate and their daily bread is threatened?

Why don’t you wake up to the voice of pain raised by these victims for justice?

Another secret

Let us tell you: The masterminds appointed Ranil Rajapaksa to the presidency to kill and bury the investigation into the Easter attack forever.

Let us reveal one more secret to you. Ranil Rajapakse has prepared a conspiracy to oppose and humiliate the cardinal if he raises his voice about his presidency regardless of the Easter attack or public opinion.

He is going to use for that, not crooks known to the country like Gnanasara, but a group of political yellow robes with some recognition.

To support them, they are going to employ a group of UNP slaves who claim to be position-seekers and hired writers to post social media comments.

Therefore, we reiterate:

If the entire country does not exert a strong influence on Ranil Rajapaksa, it is possible that by the time the four years are over, he will have completed the task of putting the mystery of the Easter attack and “crossed the ‘baby’ entrusted to him” through the glass bridge.

Robin Hood

Freelance journalist and a Sufi author