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March 26, 2023

Why MR’s violence on May 09 not termed as “terrorism”?

Last Updated on September 15, 2022 by Lankae Cast

Terror is an ideology. Why is it terrorism when the LTTE and JVP killed innocent civilians but it’s not terrorism when the UNP , the SLFP and the SLPP killed burnt and looted the houses of unarmed civilians? Why is not the May 9th violence unleashed by Mahinda Rajapakse termed as terrorism ? Terrorism is an ideology pushed on us by people in power to scare us in to giving up our right to privacy, free speech and assembly.

Any act of violence by non state actors can be dealt with under penal code or the public security ordinance. Yet our Governments have convinced us we need a law which will strip judiciary’s power of over sight and arm the executive to arbitrarily detain people for 12 months under any condition.

Fun fact for those who are asking for a new anti terror law : the three boys who have been newly detained under PTA are being kept in solitary isolation in dark cells. This is torture. They are being tortured under PTA just liked thousands of Tamils and Muslims were tortured.

To those who are toying with the idea of a new Terror law I have one thing to say. It is your class and race privilege which makes you take this position. You think you will never be considered a terrorist never be issued a Detention order on. So you think the terrorist is not you. In short it is your hypocrisy which is speaking.

Repeal the PTA. Say no to NSA.

Swastika Arulingam